2022 World IP Day Celebration Event

The date of April 26th each year is the "World Intellectual Property Day". Celebration events have been held for this special day around the world every year since 2001. The theme of the 2022 IP Day: "IP and Youth: Innovating for a Better Future". More detailed information please refer to WIPO website: https://www.wipo.int/ip-outreach/en/ipday/.

On 23rd April 2022, we will celebrate in advance by holding the "2022 World IP Day Celebration Event" as well as encourage the youth participating into culture creation and IP protection.
TIME: 13:30~17:00 (Commence registration from 12:50), April 23rd, 2022 (Sat.)
VENUE: Huashan 1914 Creative Park, W5
Planning & Implementation
Time Schedule
12:50~13:30 Registration
13:30~13:35 Opening remarks and introduction of distinguished guests (Host: Ms. Claire Chen / TTV news anchor)
13:35~13:55 Distinguished guest remarks
13:55~14:00 Distinguished guests group photos

How to run a cultural and creative brand - the example of Pili puppet animation (Speaker: Mr. Johnson Chiu / General Manager of Dapili International marketing Co., Ltd.)

Pili starts from glove puppetry and has launched almost 80 series of drama episodes in more than 3,000 hours. It has created more than 4,000 characters of hero. During the past thirty years, it carried on with continuous IP creation and one-stop film and TV production from TV series "Pili Golden Light" to film "The Legend of the Sacred Stone". Its "Thunderbolt Fantasy" swept the country of Japan, and "Pili Fantasy: War of Dragons" was shown in the world stage, Netflix. So far, Pili production has gone beyond land, language, and cultural barrier and become a modern entertainment that people in every part of the world enjoy free from inhibitions.

Various IP production and licensing items have extended from Pili creation, including DVD production and issuance, original soundtrack production and issuance, art performance & curation, merchandising product development, portrait rights authorization, printed publication, and physical channel management. In the speech this time, we will share the art and cultural achievement as well as the entertainment and commercial values of puppet animation. Developed from "the history of Pili Brand" and "cultural and creative brand management", PILI not only becomes the leader of local culture in Taiwan, but also the symbol of unique culture and film & TV entertainment in Taiwan.

14:50~14:55 Interim Break

A talk about my expectations for intellectual properties of Taiwanese films (Speaker: Mr. Clark Lee / Director of the film <In The Shadow>)

Part I. "I grew up watching movies."
To recall the glorious era of when the Taiwanese film industry was blooming.

Part II. "I made a movie without a filmmaking degree."
To share my personal experience in filmmaking, including my ideology as well as the obstacles I encountered along the way.

Part III. "I hope to keep on making movies."
To look into the Intellectual Property of Taiwanese movies and the development of the film industry in the future.

Part IV. Q&A

15:45~15:50 Interim Break

Be brave, not safe (Speaker: Ms. Kay Huang / Chairperson of Taipei Music Center)

From 14 years old, devoting herself to music was a decision that Kay had never hesitated to make. Stepping into the Taiwanese pop music industry for many years, she has never easily given up her ideal. A musician with a lot of successful experience in making music since she was a youth, coming and talking to young friends, "Are you doing your best to pursue your dreams and your determination to achieve your goals?"

16:40~17:00 Communication
17:00~ Farewell
In response to a severe outbreak of specific infectious pneumonia, participants are kindly requested to follow the SICKNESSC COVID-19 Response Guidelines,
  1. Before entering the venue, you should implement contact information registration, take your body temperature and disinfect your hands. Except during the VIP remark and the speaker sharing, the participants are requested to bring their own masks throughout the event (please bring your own masks). Please also practice appropriate social distancing during interim breaks.
  2. If you have a fever (fever: ≧ 38°C for the ear temperature and ≧ 37.5°C for the forehead temperature) you will not be allowed to enter the venue.
  3. Those who in home isolation, home quarantine and self-contained health management are strictly prohibited from participating.